Question about Work

Question about work?

What is work to most of us? Why do we have a need to have a career?  Outside of the obvious, which is that it brings fulfillment, would you not want to work for the best company?  Yet "we" often get caught with jobs or even worse a career that (we just do!)
As a Learning Disabled person, is there a career out there where we become the employee of the month and where we do "fit in" and our social skills are not looked at with a microscope? Does this not sound a lot like high school?
For me, it seems that working on my own brings all the fulfillment I want.  With the help of my wife we are able to have somewhat of a normal life (keeping up with the neighbour's toys) even if we don't need to or want to.
So, if you are Learning Disabled or just Disabled, how important is this whole work idea really? Can't we find another way to earn an income to pay the basic bills?
Socially we would like to think that we are a much better group of people, without the stress and politics that  might come out in the lunch room.


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