Shifting Paradigms

I have been wondering what I should write on this month. I also have been busy in my shop as I am starting to see spring is coming slowly. Working around the self-employmenttheme my wife and I have been working on the craft projects which works with my woodworking skills.Now mainly because of my age / job market I have started down the path of heading back to school to do Small Engine Repair Course.
So Susie ( my wife ) has been sorting stuff and she came across this paper:
We both have used the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. One of the topics in that book talks about Paradigms & Principles.

“ We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit” – Aristotle

Our character, basically, is a composite of our habits. “Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character , reap a destiny.” the maxim goes. Habits are powerful factors in our lives. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns,…

This could be your school or work place

It is with a sad heart today I must post about the recent shooting. I don’t want this to be about which side anyone is on.

I want this to be about what I had to deal with in my own high school, my good friend, and what I see today with the “world”. Obviously like many youth today he had a Mental Health issue. If you start there, it would be wonderful but we come around to Mental Health and yet again dodge this topic on a national level. Remember it is not just the shooter or the ones he kills. It is ALL the families as well the community who now have to somehow come to understand this day. I remember my own high school where I never fitted in. Some days my wish was to have super powers to make me invisible. It never happened. In that journey I was chased after by bullies. I tried to commit suicide as I rode my bike to school one morning.  Then I had enough so I started a fight with one of the main bullies which led to the office, asked by many teachers “You TKO” so & so. It took many…

The Holidays

Happy Holidays-- Sort of:
If you are like me, this can be a tough time or it can be filled with joy. On the other hand, it can be a dark time filled with messages of doom. Let us not even think about the New Year, which is only one month away.
It is not all lost certainly you can bring life back into the holidays. Last year we went to my brother’s place, away from the shopping buzz, and add to that the non-stop Christmas caroling in every store.
If you have children, that buzz will be just a little more but as a family, start or do your own traditions. Maybe look at what has worked with birthdays.
One of my activities is to review the last year. Then plan out my new year in a broad way. This doesn’t need be about goal setting as you just want to see when things might happen.
All the Best… Chris at the Rippling Pond.

The Question ?

The Question ? This came to me while I listened to Simon & Garfunkel’s song call El Condor Pasa ( If I could ). I went back to Mindfulness and how this teaching makes us come into the present moment. Clearing our thoughts of other things, here is the Question: Is the Hammer or the Nail more important? In mindfulness we are shown that life unfolds in moments, like a “Stream” has a path. Should we worry about whether we are the Nail or the Hammer then each has its own path or duty to service in its purposes. There is no magic as I have read and studied Mindfulness briefly you learn that the Path of our lives is much calmer than trying to seek for “more”. Part of the past year time has again been taken up being a Junior B hockey trainer.  This time it gave me more confidence in First Aid that seems to spill over into my own life. If you will, that small voice of doubt leaves me for a time. For that brief season being part of a team and the joy that it brings me.  So often in my per…

Question about Work

Question about work? What is work to most of us? Why do we have a need to have a career?  Outside of the obvious, which is that it brings fulfillment, would you not want to work for the best company?  Yet "we" often get caught with jobs or even worse a career that (we just do!)
As a Learning Disabled person, is there a career out there where we become the employee of the month and where we do "fit in" and our social skills are not looked at with a microscope? Does this not sound a lot like high school?
For me, it seems that working on my own brings all the fulfillment I want.  With the help of my wife we are able to have somewhat of a normal life (keeping up with the neighbour's toys) even if we don't need to or want to.
So, if you are Learning Disabled or just Disabled, how important is this whole work idea really? Can't we find another way to earn an income to pay the basic bills?
Socially we would like to think that we are a much better group of peo…

Opening Up About Your Disability

I was on Facebook reading both of these posts and somehow they touched me. They echo parts of my own life. When do you open up about your disability? How would you do it even if you need to, as in the second post? What about if it was a career move you need to get the double income job? Unlike disabilities where you can see what the disability is, here you may not even show your disability. However I found at some point you will have to open up like in the case with the NFL Draft player. You may even at some point be unable to take the meeting notes. Very hard to know what to do as most companies have so many to choose from for your position. I have found out opening up is the best choice, but be careful of how you say you are Learning Disabled. You do not want it to become a stumbling block to your career. Always put your best foot forward…in other words, use your strengths to your advantage.

LDAC info from their web page.

Katherine Glasgow If you have a Learning Disability …

My connection to Rick Hansen Relay

When I was down in Vancouver I was involved with Independence 92 which gave me an opportunity to be even more involved with disabilities. I was in a book called A Closer Look which was published by the Government of British Columbia. Rick was a big part of this as the group talked about their disability.