Springing into Life

As March marches by February came and went too, I am now back with my Blog. I have been busy on several projects.

Me & my wife ( Susie ) work together on Heritage Makers, an online story booking company.  We operate as Preserve Life Stories
( www.preservelifestories.com ).  We are working to make this the best year ever for us. You never know some of my work may show up on my blog. It has helped in bringing life to my work with poems.

We are also doing a moving car show here in the Okanagan Valley area in May, called Wheels for a Cure ( www.wheelsforacure.ca ) where my other passion came out with old cars. The show is to raise funds for Prostate Cancer. I will use the great opportunity to spread the work about my work here in blog & other projects.

I am now officially a medal bearer for the Rick Hansen Relay
( http://www.rickhansenrelay.com ) . I remember what joy it was to be involved last time in Independence 92.  I was with this group in Vancouver as I got involved with the message about disabilities.


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