Opening Up About Your Disability

I was on Facebook reading both of these posts and somehow they touched me. They echo parts of my own life. When do you open up about your disability? How would you do it even if you need to, as in the second post? What about if it was a career move you need to get the double income job? Unlike disabilities where you can see what the disability is, here you may not even show your disability. However I found at some point you will have to open up like in the case with the NFL Draft player. You may even at some point be unable to take the meeting notes. Very hard to know what to do as most companies have so many to choose from for your position. I have found out opening up is the best choice, but be careful of how you say you are Learning Disabled. You do not want it to become a stumbling block to your career. Always put your best foot forward…in other words, use your strengths to your advantage.

 LDAC info from their web page.

Katherine Glasgow If you have a Learning Disability it can be a stressful decision whether you disclose your LD to potential employers, or not. Check out this article for some of the advantages, and disadvantages to disclosing.

Disclosing Your LDs During the Interview Process  Youth to Youth, a website for students with LD by students with LD

Katherine Glasgow
Morris Claiborne is a football player considered, by many, to be the best cornerback prospect in the 2012 NFL draft. He also has a learning disability. This is the story of how his rights were violated, and how the NFL failed to protect him.
I received an email a few days ago from a retired NFL coach. It concerns former LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, expected to be a high draft choice this month, and his low 


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