The Question ?

The Question ?
This came to me while I listened to Simon & Garfunkel’s song call El Condor Pasa ( If I could ). I went back to Mindfulness and how this teaching makes us come into the present moment. Clearing our thoughts of other things, here is the Question: Is the Hammer or the Nail more important?
In mindfulness we are shown that life unfolds in moments, like a “Stream” has a path.
Should we worry about whether we are the Nail or the Hammer then each has its own path or duty to service in its purposes. There is no magic as I have read and studied Mindfulness briefly you learn that the Path of our lives is much calmer than trying to seek for “more”.
Part of the past year time has again been taken up being a Junior B hockey trainer.  This time it gave me more confidence in First Aid that seems to spill over into my own life. If you will, that small voice of doubt leaves me for a time. For that brief season being part of a team and the joy that it brings me.  So often in my personal life I feel like I am looking into the “fish bowl”.
I am also working hard with Susie my wife on developing our online digital business. It is called , where you can make stories come alive, preserve your heritage or do an exciting new style of scrapbooking.  You also can go crazy with your creative side and make memorable gifts for family and friends.


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